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Vabariigi Presidendi Kantselei toetab Vabariigi Presidenti seadusest tulenevate ülesannete täitmisel. Kantselei korraldab Vabariigi Presidendi riigisisest ja -välist suhtlemist, juhib infovahetust meedia, avalikkuse ja teiste partneritega, valmistab ette õigusakte, haldab Vabariigi Presidendi valitsemisele kuuluvat riigivara ning täidab teisi ülesandeid.

A. Weizenbergi 39
15050 Tallinn

tel. 631 6202
faks:631 6250

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"She who dares, wins", Monocle

Intervjuus üleilmsele uudistemagasinile Monocle räägib president Kaljulaid Eestis toimuvast digitaalsest innovatsioonist ja riigi e-teenustest, e-residentsuse programmist ja kuivõrd see Brexiti lähenedes sealseid inimesi võluda võiks ning samuti meie lähinaabrist Venemaast.


Justin Bergman

When Kersti Kaljulaid was thrust into the Estonian presidency last year as a consensus candidate to resolve a political stalemate, it came as a surprise to many. She was not just an outsider – she was virtually unknown to most of the public. A trained biologist and former head of a power plant, she had spent the previous 12 years in the relatively anonymous confines of the European Court of Auditors in Luxembourg.

In the year since taking office, the 47-year-old has quickly found her footing. When monocle visits the bright-pink presidential office building in Tallinn, she eschews the measured tone of an EU accountant and is frank about Russia's meddling in elections and the importance of people protecting themselves online, or what she calls "cyber hygiene". She's also a passionate advocate of Estonia's e-governance push, urging European governments to follow her country's lead by moving basic services online and breaking down barriers with regards to sharing data across borders.


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