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Evelin Ilves paid a visit to Jüri Gymnasium


Evelin Ilves yesterday visited Jüri Gymnasium in Rae rural municipality, where she met with students and inspected the school diner.

Evelin Ilves discussed healthy eating habits with the children and visited the school diner during lunch break; she also talked to cooks at the school diner.

"I was looking for an answer to a question about how it is possible that small country schools can offer healthy school lunches, made with local ingredients, to their students, while large schools are often unable to do the same. Therefore, I chose to visit a school where 1,100 school lunches are served on a daily basis, as well as meals for long day group students. Believe it or not, parents are asking school cooks to share their recipes, as according to their children, the minced meat sauce or pasta salad they eat at school is the best. Also, local ingredients outweigh all the foreign competitors – I was sincerely happy to hear and see this with my own eyes," told Evelin Ilves.

900 students study at Jüri Gymnasium; the school employs 90 teachers and 40 administrative workers. Rae Hobby School, Jüri Library and Rae Rural Municipality Sports Centre work in the school complex to offer the students a better development environment and opportunities to spend their free time. The support centre, which employs a psychologist, special pedagogue, social pedagogues, speech therapist, teaching assistants, long day group teachers and assistant and replacement teachers, has been established to support and advise students, parents and school staff.

In January, Evelin Ilves paid a visit to Johannes Waldorf School and Kindergarten in Rosma village, Põlva rural municipality. In December, the First Lady visited Vääna Manor School, where she told students about healthy eating habits and inspected the school diner and library.

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