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Mrs. Evelin Ilves visited Domestic Bread Day at Estonian Open Air Museum


Promoter of clean homegrown food and patron of the School Bread project, Mrs. Evelin Ilves today paid a visit to Estonian Bread Day, which took place at the Estonian Open Air Museum. The purpose of Estonian Bread Day was to enhance the value of rye bread and remind us of its importance in our everyday lives.

Various activities were conducted at the Estonian Open Air Museum on Estonian Bread Day. A large autumn fair took place, which included traditional handicraft, commodities, homegrown horticultural and agricultural produce, fish and meat products, honey and bread.

Organic producers offered various organic products at Sassi-Jaani Farm for both sampling and sale. Visitors could choose the best organic product, and organic cooking classes were held for both children and adults. In other farms, people could observe various work and activities related to bread, as well as an exhibition entitled Bread on Your Palate. The Unique Bread Lab opened its doors next to the swings and Prayer of Thanks was given to the bread in Sutlepa Chapel.

Winners of “The Best Organic Producer 2011” and “The Best Organic Product 2011” as well as the organic product most liked by visitors to the Bread Day were also announced.


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