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Mrs. Evelin Ilves visits Kalev Chocolate Factory

Mrs. Evelin Ilves visits Kalev Chocolate Factory
Otto Kubo, Research Specialist of Kalev Chocolate Factory, Otto Kubo, Mrs. Evelin Ilves, and Mr. Kaido Kaare, CEO. Kalev gave Mrs. Evelin Ilves a piece of marzipan confectionery, featuring Ärma Farm
© Toomas Tuul


Mrs. Evelin Ilves was invited to visit Kalev Chocolate Factory today, where she familiarised herself with new high quality production technology.

“It is worth acknowledging the fact that Kalev, as the crown jewel in the Estonian food processing industry, has made the move towards healthier production and has started to use new, non-hydrogenated vegetable fats in its production,” said Mrs. Evelin Ilves, who was given a tour of the chocolate factory in Rae Rural Municipality, near Tallinn, and met with the management of the company.

Mr. Kaido Kaare, the CEO of Kalev Chocolate Factory, said: “We’re extremely pleased that Mrs. Evelin Ilves has found some time to visit the oldest confectionery factory in the Nordic countries and familiarise herself with the production and innovations implemented here. I do hope that the Kalev’s new, innovative direction towards the use of healthier ingredients will be followed by many other food processing companies.“

At the meeting, Mrs. Evelin Ilves raised the issue of labelling food products as a matter of importance.

“The development of a clear and understandable system for marking and labelling food products must serve the common interests of both consumers and producers. Kalev’s initiative of marking its packaging with separate stickers that explain and emphasise the quality of raw materials is highly appreciated,” Mrs. Evelin Ilves said.

According to Mr. Kaido Kaare, Kalev is giving every support possible to the issue of marking food products raised by Mrs. Evelin Ilves. “It’s important to provide consumers with clear information concerning the contents of one or other product,” he added.