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President of the Republic At the Tallinn e-Governance Conference

Dear friends!

There are some familiar faces, but also a lot of new faces sitting in here and interested to understand how can current technologies could help public sectors globally.

Last year we celebrated a milestone in global Internet usage – more than half of the mankind is a regular Internet user with the fastest growth in Africa, followed by Middle-East and Latin America and the Caribbean.

In 2018 one minute in internet means 185 million e-mails, 38 million messages, 18 million text messages and almost one million dollars spent online.

This growth also means, that internet uses close to 15% of global electrical energy with environmental footprint unfortunately as big as aviation industry. We also need to be responsible in recognising these issues, because we know that the climate change is The Issue globally. After all, all the discussion about digital societies only makes sense and is not short term if we can solve the climate change.  

Let´s take for example education, health-care, national economy or even more narrow spectrum of the services as population registry, marriage registration, customs and tax authorities vary in the legislative and institutional setup. Therefor we also need to create tailor-made solutions and consider the local culture when we want to digitalize these services. This is different when we compare what we can currently get from the big companies. For smaller companies it is easier to work with governments for tailor-made solutions.

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