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President of the Republic at the 12th Youth Song and Dance Celebration “Here I’ll Stay”

President Kaljulaid XII noorte tantsu- ja laulupeol
President Kaljulaid at the 12th Youth Song and Dance Celebration
© Mattias Tammet


Dear Estonian people, dear singers, and dear dancers!

Thanks to you Estonia is filled with joy this week.

Joy is stronger than rain. Joy is stronger than a storm. And more important – joy is stronger than fear. The joy of young people singing is the joy of our future national song festivals. Folk dancing lives in our schools, because a dance festival is always approaching. As an old saying tells us, what you learn when you're young, will stay with you when you're old.

Be proud and be happy, because only a joyful person is self-confident and kind. We also have the joy of giving. The joy of creating. The joy of taking flight. The joy of coming back and meeting again. All this combined is the joy of life.

Only a joyful person smiles, and others will only smile back at a smiling person. When Estonia smiles, others will also smile at us. We truly need a joyful Estonia. Precisely because we sing,

"My fatherland, my happiness and joy".