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President Kaljulaid discussed energy, the economy and the future of Europe with her German counterpart

 President Kaljulaid discussed energy, the economy and the future of Europe with her German counterpart
President Steinmeier and president Kaljulaid.
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Last night, President Kersti Kaljulaid, who is on an official visit to Germany, met with Frank Walter Steinmeier, President of Germany, with whom she participated in the celebration of the 100th birthday of the Estonian Embassy. After that, ​​the heads of state headed to Bellevue Castle, where the bilateral meeting focused on climate, energy and the future of the European Union and its neighborhood.

Yesterday, the 100th birthday of the Estonian Embassy was celebrated in Berlin, which also marked the 100th anniversary of the upcoming diplomatic relations between Estonia and Germany, which was attended by both the Presidents of Estonia and Germany. "Our embassy building in Berlin is historic - even at a time when there was only a memory and a dream of a free Estonia, this house belonged to a country that did not actually exist on the world map for almost half a century. It is a good symbol of the twists and turns of history, including scars and stratification, just as Berlin is full of history, scars and different layers, "said President Kaljulaid in her birthday speech. The Head of State also emphasized the very good relations between Estonia and Germany today as a friend, ally and partner. "The value of such friends often comes to the fore in crises. Even today, there is a crisis caused by a virus, and we must act together to manage its effects. United both with our friends and united throughout Europe, "said the President of the Republic.

From the embassy, ​​the presidents of the two countries moved to Bellevue Castle, where a working meeting and a joint dinner took place. The meeting, which lasted almost three hours, focused mainly on energy and climate policy, recovery from the crisis and the relaunch of the economy. The heads of state also discussed developments in the European Union and its immediate vicinity, cyber threats, and also the issues related to the Three Seas Summit to be held in Tallinn in the autumn.

"In order to give a new impetus to the economy, countries must first and foremost work to create a level playing field for the private sector. The same applies to moving towards climate neutrality and reducing carbon emissions - opportunities and connections must first be created with public money so that the private sector is willing and able to operate in equal competition, "said President Kaljulaid at the meeting.

President Kersti Kaljulaid is on her first official visit after the outbreak of the crown virus crisis. For Germany, too, this visit is the first high foreign visit to be received. In previous days, in addition to events related to the birthday of the Embassy in Berlin, the Head of State has visited Estonian companies Skeleton and Ampler operating in Germany and met with the German Development Bank KfW. Today, a discussion on security is planned in the Körber Stiftung, Germany's most important think tank, and a discussion on digital issues with the German Confederation of Industrialists.

The Head of State will return to Estonia late tonight.

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