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President Ilves visited research and development company Cybernetica

President Ilves visited research and development company Cybernetica © Office of the President of the Republic of Estonia


President Toomas Hendrik Ilves today visited the research and development company Cybernetica, where he familiarised himself with navigation, communication and monitoring systems and the development of public e-governance solutions. Cybernetica plays an important role in the development of Estonian e-governance.

"I am pleased to see that this is a company striving to provide world-class services and products. Successful export transactions, co-operation with DARPA of the US Department of Defence and the success of X-tee in Estonia are all obvious signs of success," told President Ilves.

President Ilves attaches high value to Estonian E-governance and the need to promote the knowledge-based economy. The Estonian Head of State has also supported both the opening of the NATO Centre of Excellence for Co-operative Cyber Defence in Tallinn and acknowledged information technology and research companies with export potential.

At the initiative of President Ilves, the future of the e-health solutions of the European Union were discussed at today's meeting. President Ilves, who chairs the high-level work group of consultants that shape the future of e-health in the European Union, attaches great importance to the development of common e-health services in Estonia, ensuring the processing of health records in the European Union using tools and methods that are as standardised as possible. "Estonia's X-tee and Estonian experiences in the sphere of health care show clearly that safe e-health solutions can be achieved. Now we simply have to expand this from one country to the European Union as a whole," President Ilves added.

The CEO of Cybernetica, Ülo Jaaksoo, Head of Information Security Systems Department, Monika Oit, Head of Navigation Systems Department, Aivar Usk, Research Director and Director of Institute of Information Security, Peeter Laud, Head of Monitoring Systems Department, Rein Haavel, Development Director, Arne Ansper, and research specialist Dan Bogdanov met with President Ilves.

The Research Director of Cybernetica, Peeter Laud, was also awarded with the Young Scientist Price of the President of the Republic's Cultural Foundation.

Cybernetica AS is an internationally evaluated private research and development company, manufacturer of original electronic equipment and ICT systems integrator; eight holders of Doctor's Degree and eight Doctor's Degree applicants work among the company's 80 or more employees. Cybernetica has played an important role in the creation of e-election, ID card, X-tee, e-Police, e-Customs and other public sector systems. In 2011, 35% of Cybernetica's turnover came from exports to the European Union, China, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries.

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