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President Ilves to give one of the opening addresses at Helsinki Book fair

Estonia is one of the main guests of the Helsinki International Book fair, which will start tomorrow. One of the opening notes of the fair will be given by the President, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, who is also presenting his recent book, Omalla äänellä.

The representative fair, at which more than twenty works by Estonian authors that have been translated into Finnish language will be presented, is one of the most influential cultural events in Helsinki this autumn.

At 12 pm on Friday 27 October, Omalla äänellä by President Ilves, which is a collection of his essays, articles and presentations from recent years, will be presented at the book fair. The book will be discussed by Toomas Hendrik Ilves, former Finnish Minister of Foreign Affairs and current Minister of Foreign Trade, Alexander Stubb, and the translator of the book, Jouko Vanhanen. The conversation will be moderated by the complier of the book, Iivi Anna Masso.

Following this, at 2 pm, Iivi Anna Masso will conduct an interview with President Ilves in Finland’s largest bookstore, Akateeminen Kirjakauppa, and at 2:30 pm the President will be at WSOY publishing house.

In Omalla äänellä, which was published by the Finnish publishing house WSOY, President Ilves talks about Estonia returning to the map of Europe and he also discusses life, philosophy, literature and music, including the close ties between Finland and Estonia, the differences and similarities and what history has taught both countries. The book consists of the President’s speeches and essays and also includes an interview with the President by the compiler of the book, Iivi Anna Masso, which sheds light on the development of his political views and provides other background information.

The book fair takes place at the same time as the international food fair in Helsinki. Several small-scale Estonian agricultural producers will also be present at the fair. On 28 October, Evelin Ilves will introduce rye bread and Estonian cuisine at the food fair. Mrs. Ilves, who recently published a cookbook entitled “Donated Flavours” (Kinigitud maitsed), will make some griddle bread in the show kitchen at the fair and talk about Estonian cuisine with the captain of the Finnish team of Masterchef, Kari Aihinen, who is also Head Chef of Restaurant Savoy in Helsinki.

President Toomas Hendrik Ilves and Mrs. Evelin Ilves will also visit the Estonian House (Viro Centre) in Helsinki. The centre was opened last year, 17 September, and houses the most important organisations that facilitate cultural, educational, tourism and economic relations between Estonia and Finland.


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