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President Ilves to embark upon a working visit to Georgia


The President, Mr. Toomas Hendrik Ilves, will fly to Georgia tomorrow to meet the Georgian Head of State, Mr. Mikhail Saakachvili, the Prime Minister, Mr. Nika Gilauri, leaders of opposition parties and representatives of the third sector.

Meetings of the Estonian Head of State will be mostly focusing on political and economic reforms in Georgia.

“Democracy and economic wellbeing are intertwined with each other, for European interpretation, and a successful, future-oriented state most contribute equally in both directions,” President Ilves told. “”State” does not stand for a political slogan in this context, but a responsible agreement between people and the government. The dialogue between the political parties in power and opposition, respectful attitude towards each other but also a strong citizens’ society also play an important role here.”

President Ilves will return to Estonia on Wednesday, 6 July.


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