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President of the Republic: Estonia and Greece are mentally and spiritually in the center of Europe


President Toomas Hendrik Ilves met with Greek President Karolos Papoulias in Athens today.

“This was a very pleasant meeting between two European-minded presidents,” said the Estonian Head of State. “We spoke at length about the future of the European Union, and recognized once again that countries that may not be in the geographic center of Europe can still be countries that are mentally and spiritually in the center of Europe.”

Both heads of state are optimistic about the future of the European Union and increasing the internal strength of the Community. “We see how the European Union is moving in the right direction, moving toward solutions,” said President Ilves.

Among other things, the Estonian and Greek Presidents discussed the Kosovo question, which affects all of Europe, and reiterated the need for great diplomacy, but also internal consensus within the European Union, in finding a solution to the problem.

The heads of state also spoke about the future enlargement of the Community, which both view positively. “The boundaries of the current European Union are not the boundaries of Europe,” said President Ilves. “We support the continuation of the Community’s enlargement process, so that the applicant states, and those who aspire to be applicant states, maintain their motivation for reforms, which is necessary not only for them, but also for the well-being and stability of all of Europe.”

President Ilves invited the Greek Head of State to visit Estonia at a time convenient for him.

The Estonian Head of State is in Greece in connection with his participation in the Tenth Annual Symi Symposium that is focusing on climate change this year.


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