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President Kaljulaid presented decorations of the Republic of Estonia


On the eve of the Independence Day, President Kersti Kaljulaid today presented decorations to 113 people for services rendered to the Republic of Estonia.

"You all operate in very different spheres. Some of you are being acknowledged for your professional, paid work; others for things you do in addition to your everyday work. You all have something in common – you have done more than required by your job descriptions, articles of association and everyday expectations. And what is Estonia but the things that we either decide or not decide to do," said the Head of State at the official presentation of the decorations at NUKU Puppet Theatre.

President Kaljulaid noted that the recipients of the decorations have been acknowledged by their fellow citizens: "They have noticed the things you have done. They have written inspiring recommendations and want you to be acknowledged."

The Head of State promised to support doctors, policemen, rescue workers, social welfare officials, blood donors and members of the third sector in bringing the problems of their respective spheres to attention. "Presenting you with decorations is a reminder that those who are weaker will not be left behind. That those who have been hurt will be noticed. That those who have been hurt must be offered a new life. The courage and wish of society to focus on the things that you do on a daily basis will make your work easier," said President Kaljulaid.

"Here today are some people who work in spheres known to everyone, yet there are also those who get things done in a quite and determined manner that we don't necessarily think about every day. In their absence, the vital impact of their work would become clearly apparent to us within 24 hours," said the Head of State, in highlighting teachers, education specialists and local weavers of cultural layers. "Many of you are in contact with several generations in your community, and you have shaped the value and ideology of your community in general. This is a huge responsibility that you have taken and borne with honour," added the President of the Republic.

The Head of State congratulated all the recipients of the decorations and added: "I can see you waking up while others are still asleep. Persistence when everyone else had given up. Sowing seeds in places where nothing had ever germinated before. Something ticking inside, keeping you primed and determined to persevere until you achieve a result."

Decision of the President of the Republic on awarding decorations of the President of the Republic on the eve of the Independence Day: https://www.president.ee/et/ametitegevus/otsused/12947-58-riiklike-autasude-andmine/index.html

More information about the recipients of the decorations is available from the website of Estonia Says Thank You 2017: https://www.president.ee/et/eesti-tanab/teenetemarkide-kavalerid/index.html

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