kantseleisOffice of the President
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The Office of the President of the Republic provides administrative support to the President in the performance of the President’s official duties. Among other functions, the Office of the President of the Republic organises the President’s domestic and foreign relations, is responsible for media and public relations and liaisons with other partners, drafts legal acts, and manages state property in the area of administration of the President.

A. Weizenbergi 39
15050 Tallinn

Tel. 631 6202
Faks:631 6250


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Our citizens are going digital and global. If the state doesn't keep up it will become obsolete, The Telegraph

By Kersti Kaljulaid

As the President of Estonia, I represent the only truly digital society which actually has a state. And this position has made me question whether the state as we know it today is fit for the 21st century.

Traditionally nations have harnessed taxpayers to their territory by making almost everything people need from society dependent on working in one country, every day of the week, all months of the year and for at least three decades to receive these social guarantees. In creating free movement of people, the web has only got more complex, but never disappeared. The same old story of where you live, where you work and where you are entitled to get the social benefits.

The world around all these political debates is radically changing, industrial jobs are disappearing. They will continue to disappear, because of the productivity gains that come from choosing to invest in machinery and automation over people. Thus, social models that were created to fit industrial and early service economies will no longer be viable. It is only in Alice in Wonderland that the cat can leave while the grin lingers. In the real world when the cat is gone, the grin vanishes with it. Put simply, as the industrial workforce shrinks – just as we once saw happen in agriculture – the social model founded on it will go, too.

My son, an IT specialist, works for several companies at a same time. In some of them he is an owner, in others an employee. When he travels to others states for months at a time for work, he normally rents out his home assets – a flat, a car, sometimes even his dog (a well-trained Labrador who can keep lonely older people company).

Another man I know, a talented craftsman making world class bows and arrows, lives in rural Estonia. He came from South Africa. He did not lose any of his clients, even if he now makes his products at least 100 kilometres from his nearest customer.


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