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When Kersti Kaljulaid was thrust into the Estonian presidency last year as a consensus candidate to resolve a political stalemate, it came as a surprise to many. She was not just an outsider – she was virtually unknown to most of the public. A trained biologist and former head of a power plant, she had spent the previous 12 years in the relatively anonymous confines of the European Court of Auditors in Luxembourg.

In the year since taking office, the 47-year-old has quickly found her footing. When monocle visits the bright-pink presidential office building in Tallinn, she eschews the measured tone of an EU accountant and is frank about Russia's meddling in elections and the importance of people protecting themselves online, or what she calls "cyber hygiene". She's also a passionate advocate of Estonia's e-governance push, urging European governments to follow her country's lead by moving basic services online and breaking down barriers with regards to sharing data across borders.

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"Ottakaa mallia Ranskasta", Verkkouutiset Heikki Hakala

Kersti Kaljulaidin mieleen on jäänyt, mitä Emmanuel Macron sanoi Vladimir Putinille Venäjän harjoittamasta vaikuttamisesta.

Jokaisen poliitikon on tunnettava vastuunsa demokratian puolustamisesta, Kersti Kaljulaid sanoo Verkkouutisten erikoishaastattelussa.Kersti Kaljulaidin ensimmäinen vuosi maansa valtionpäämiehenä täyttyi pari viikkoa sitten. Lukemattomat kansalaiskohtaamiset eri puolilla Viroa ovat Kaljulaidin mukaan antaneet paljon ajattelemisen aihetta. Yhden oivalluksen hän nostaa ylitse muiden.

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"Alla kan bli digitala, försäkrar Estlands president", Hufvudstadsbladet Katarina Koivisto

Cyberhygien är ett ord Estlands president Kersti Kaljulaid gärna använder. Genom noggrannhet klarar man sig långt då det gäller att avvärja cyberhot. Digitaliseringen ser presidenten som något som rätt förverkligad skapar ett jämlikare samhälle.

Estlands första period som ordförandeland för EU har snart avverkats till två tredjedelar och många temata under de fyra första månaderna har kretsat kring digitalisering av olika slag. E-hälsa har stått på agendan och i slutet av september stod Tallinn värd för ett digitalt toppmöte för EU-ledarna där man bland annat diskuterade gemensamma åtgärder för att försvara sig mot cyberattacker.]]> (Kaidi Aher) ENG Intervjuud Sun, 22 Oct 2017 08:40:51 +0000 "Bar Europa Michele Gerace E Kerstia Kaljulaid", Bar Europa radio By Michele Gerace

You can listen to the podcast of the Bar Europa radio broadcast here.

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“Les Etats risquent l’obsolescence”, L'OBS Dominique Nora

Kersti Kaljulaid, la présidente de l'Estonie, reçoit les chefs d'Etat européens à Tallinn le 29 septembre. Elle livre à "l'Obs" en avant-première
sa vision de la société numérique.

L'Estonie a pris le leadership mondial de l'e-gouvernance, l'administration sans papier, entièrement numérique. Y a-t-il eu des réticences ?
Le pays a largement dépassé le stade où il s'est demandé s'il devait vraiment devenir numérique. Nous acceptons l'idée que ce monde digital est porteur de risques – tout comme le monde analogique – mais nous sommes capables de nous protéger. En cas de problème, on le résout et on avance. Nous avons déjà presque une génération qui a grandi dans cet environnement, ce qui a changé notre attitude vis-à-vis de la technologie.

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Med digitale ID-er kan vi spare liv, Aftenposten Frøydis Braathen

TALLINN (Aftenposten): Estland har hatt kjempesuksess med digitalisering. President Kersti Kaljulaids mål er fri flyt av data over landegrensene i EU. Hun kommer til Aftenpostens teknologikonferanse i oktober.

Estland har vært først ute med å digitalisere offentlige tjenester innen alt fra helse til skole til politiske valg. 99 prosent av alle offentlige tjenester kan utføres over nettet.

1. juli i år overtok president Kersti Kaljulaid formannskapet i EU for seks måneder. Øverst på agendaen er målet om at fri flyt av data skal bli den femte av EUs friheter.

I et intervju med Aftenposten sier Kaljulaid at hun håper EU-landene vil oppnå en felles forståelse for at teknologi må tas i bruk over landegrensene.

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„President Kersti Kaljulaid: 'Estonia offers more transparency and less bureaucracy!'", Life In Estonia Ede Schank Tamkivi

As Estonia took over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union on July 1st, the President of the Republic says in an interview with Life in Estonia that despite the fact that Estonia is a relatively well-off country, everyone needs to work harder to promote its urban environment, general greenness, and lack of hierarchies.

When you became President in October 2016, you said you were eager to hear 'what people have to say', and indeed, you have been going to places and meeting and speaking to a good proportion of the people. What has been the most surprising thing to hear/see?

I always feel great gratitude if I manage to touch upon a nerve that really matters to the people who might feel that not enough attention has been paid to their issues, which tend to be not so beautiful. Social co-hesion issues, questions that relate to handicapped people or to people who have somehow faced violence in society etc.

We are a relatively well-off country and we have to help those who have had a bad draw in this life, be it through their personal history in the family or a handicap. We seriously need to think how we could help those people better and I'm trying to focus minds on this.

I've also noticed that people working in the Estonian public sector ask me to come and talk to them about general public sector management issues. And this is something that I really like to do. Seems a bit like management consultancy, and indeed, it is.

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Das Risiko für Estland ist existenziell, Frankfurter Allgemeine Von Jüri Reinvere

Estlands Präsidentin Kersti Kaljulaid glaubt nicht an den Kollaps des digitalen Staates. Sie hält den elektronischen Personalausweis für die alternativlose Zukunft. Doch das Sicherheitsloch zeigt jetzt alle Gefahren.

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Our citizens are going digital and global. If the state doesn't keep up it will become obsolete, The Telegraph By Kersti Kaljulaid

As the President of Estonia, I represent the only truly digital society which actually has a state. And this position has made me question whether the state as we know it today is fit for the 21st century.

Traditionally nations have harnessed taxpayers to their territory by making almost everything people need from society dependent on working in one country, every day of the week, all months of the year and for at least three decades to receive these social guarantees. In creating free movement of people, the web has only got more complex, but never disappeared. The same old story of where you live, where you work and where you are entitled to get the social benefits.

The world around all these political debates is radically changing, industrial jobs are disappearing. They will continue to disappear, because of the productivity gains that come from choosing to invest in machinery and automation over people. Thus, social models that were created to fit industrial and early service economies will no longer be viable. It is only in Alice in Wonderland that the cat can leave while the grin lingers. In the real world when the cat is gone, the grin vanishes with it. Put simply, as the industrial workforce shrinks – just as we once saw happen in agriculture – the social model founded on it will go, too.

My son, an IT specialist, works for several companies at a same time. In some of them he is an owner, in others an employee. When he travels to others states for months at a time for work, he normally rents out his home assets – a flat, a car, sometimes even his dog (a well-trained Labrador who can keep lonely older people company).

Another man I know, a talented craftsman making world class bows and arrows, lives in rural Estonia. He came from South Africa. He did not lose any of his clients, even if he now makes his products at least 100 kilometres from his nearest customer.

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Igaunijas prezidente: katram pirmklasniekam jāzina valsts valoda Igaunijas prezidente Kersti Kaljulaida vēlas, lai tautā viņu atceras kā vadītāju, kas rūpējas par grūtībās nonākušajiem. "Savā prezidentūrā likšu lielu uzsvaru uz sociālo drošību un aprūpi, un tas būs manas kā prezidentes zīmols," tā saka kaimiņvalsts vadītāja, kura pagājšnedēļ viesojoties Latvijā, sniedza ekskluzīvu interviju "Latvijas Avīzei".

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