President of the Republic At the 5th Annual Tallinn Conference on the Eastern Partnership

Vice-Prime Minister Klympush-Tsintsade,
Ministers and Deputy Ministers,
Special Envoys and Coordinators,
Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to wintery Tallinn just a week after Estonia celebrated its 100th Independence Day. The celebrations here in Estonia will continue all year around but this does not mean that we wouldn't be working this year. Our EU Council Presidency turned a lot of attention to Eastern Partnership. I remember talking to your business community, your civil society and a very lively press conference with many interesting questions in Brussels on the eve of the Eastern Partnership Summit. It is now time to take this momentum forward and continue with these topics. Estonia will continue to support Eastern Partners and to make sure that the bus will not drive away and we will try to help all Eastern Partnership countries to achieve your objectives of state building and economic development. We know ourselves how difficult these kind of reforms can be. And I would also like to congratulate the Estonian Centre of Eastern Partnership on their fifth anniversary and thank them for organizing this conference.




President Kaljulaid will meet President Trump in April

President Kersti Kaljulaid will meet with her US counterpart, Donald Trump in Washington on April 3rd. The presidents of the three Baltic states and the US will mainly discuss security and economic co-operation.

"Such a meeting on the 100th anniversary of our independence serves to confirm, once again, the special connection and good co-operation between the Baltic states and the USA," said Lauri Kuusing, Foreign Policy Adviser to the President, adding that the USA never acknowledged the Soviet occupation of the Baltic states.



President Kaljulaid in Munich: NATO's policy towards Russia has been a success

President Kaljulaid in Munich: NATO's policy towards Russia has been a success

President Kersti Kaljulaid is currently at the Munich Security Conference in Germany where, in her address to the conference last evening, she analysed the activities carried out by NATO in recent years along the eastern wing of the alliance, and the impact of the enhanced presence of the allies in the three Baltic states and Poland.



President Kaljulaid to participate at the Munich security conference and the celebrations of Lithuania

This week, the President of the Republic, Kersti Kaljulaid, will participate at the Munich Security Conference in and events organised to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Lithuania in Vilnius.