At the Global Leadership Summit in Gothenburg

At the Global Leadership Summit in Gothenburg

First, thank you for inviting me. Estonia and Volvo are perfect partners, because globally you employ close to 100 000 people. Estonia on the other hand has 117 000 people working in industry – everybody else is in services. Therefore, we are a perfect match. However, there are other similarities. Your annual turnover is 5 billions bigger than Estonia’s GDP. So we are actually very well matched.

Estonia is globally the only digitally transformed society that has the full support of its state.

First, I would have to prove to you why I believe that we already have a digitally transformed society.

Up until last year, we thought that we can have a digital environment and if something goes wrong – because as you know in digital it always does, as you are always in Beta versions —there could be a paper alternative. Then last year it went wrong as a lot of digital chips were withdrawn from global market. One billion in fact.

Most of them opened doors in factories, but for us and some other countries it worked as a digital identity. In those other countries, these cards were simply closed down – nothing happened, nobody noticed.




President Kaljulaid: Technology is moving too quickly to simply regulate, we need something radically different

"Estonia usually doesn't create technology. We create legal space for that technology to come to Estonia and thrive," president of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid said yesterday during a speech to Volvo Group executives in Gothenburg, Sweden. She emphasized that the next step should be to regulate the relations between human beings and algorithms.



President Kaljulaid to the King of the Netherlands: we are two like-minded nations

President Kaljulaid to the King of the Netherlands: we are two like-minded nations

When meeting with the King of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander today, President Kersti Kaljulaid said that both the people of Estonia and the Netherlands value the simplicity of arranging their everyday lives: „We value the benefits of digital society and Estonia is open to sharing our experiences with the Netherlands. I would also like to use the opportunity to thank the Netherlands for accepting the Estonian digital signature," President Kaljulaid said.



President Kaljulaid is on a work visit to Poland

President Kersti Kaljulaid is on a work visit to Warsaw to meet with the presidents of NATO's eastern flank countries and participate in celebrations organised to mark the 100th anniversary of the independence of Poland.