"Hiiumaa - my well kept Estonian secret", Hiiumaa Kataloog 2014,

Evelin Ilves

Many know that there is an island in the Indian Ocean where open-hearted people can feel the energy of a goddess. But have you heard of an island that is home to fairies? Fairies are fond of deserted beaches with white sand and crystal clear water, where they can dance and flutter about on the waves and sand dunes. They are surrounded by the age-old Great Silence – rare and precious. There are no sounds other than the hum of the sea, the chirp of birds, the echo of the footsteps of the roe deer, and your own heartbeat.

Their home lies in the Baltic Sea, far from the mainland, and is still unspoiled, genuine, and handmade. This is a place with a unique touch, slightly old-fashioned, and so authentic that it seems unreal. If you dare and wish, you can feel a touch of the fairies there.

Hiiumaa – my well kept Estonian secret!



As of today, roller skaters can train in Tallinn Arena parking lot

As of today, roller skaters can train in Tallinn Arena parking lot

An asphalt oval, 200 metres in length and with the dimensions of a roller skate track, was opened today in the car parking lot of Tallinn Arena. One of the promoters of roller skating, former president of the Estonian Roller Skaters Association, Evelin Ilves, was also present at the event.



Evelin Ilves opens Hiiu Folk

Evelin Ilves opens Hiiu Folk

Evelin Ilves opened the 10th Hiiu Folk Music Festival yesterday. In her opening speech, Mrs Ilves praised this year's theme, "From generation to generation", which indicates that in addition to good music the festival also highlights family values.


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